Focus on Your Biggest Financial Drains to Minimize Your Budgeting Stress

You’ve probably been told that when it’s time to save money, every dollar counts. While this is true, cutting out your morning coffee isn’t going to have as profound an impact as downsizing your home. Put your effort into reducing your largest expenses to fix your budget with minimal stress.


Google Will Now Show Recent Earthquake Information In Search Results

If there’s been an earthquake in your area, you probably want to know as much about it as fast as possible. Google’s making that easier by showing information about your area when you search for “earthquakes.”


129 Days and a Wake Up

129 Days and a Wake UpBoris Johnson wearing a cool “rucksack” on his commute. Photo: Getty

I Can No Longer Recommend Raw Cookie Dough in Good Conscience

I Can No Longer Recommend Raw Cookie Dough in Good ConsciencePhoto: Shutterstock

Yesterday, I planned to write a blistering takedown of the FDA’s latest consumer update, a document bearing the laughable title “Raw Dough’s a Raw Deal and Could Make You Sick.” I even had two working headlines, “FDA Warns Against Raw Cookie Dough But Life is Short Go Hard” and “Chickenshit FDA Issues Raw Cookie Dough ‘Warning.” Alas, I can no longer go forward.

The advisory itself was issued after an E. coli outbreak connected to tainted flour sickened 38 people, giving them symptoms ranging from stomach cramps to bloody diarrhea. Weighed against the joy raw cookie dough blesses upon tens of millions each year, a few dozen souls banished to bathroom hell seemed like a classic case of acceptable risk.

And yet.

Over the course of my research, I came across the story of Linda Rivera, an otherwise healthy Las Vegas mother who was hospitalized after eating “a few bites” of contaminated cookie dough in 2009, eventually suffering brain injury and having much of her large intestines removed.

“Don’t take a chance with it,” Rivera told CNN in 2010. “It’s not worth it. You give up your life, you lose everything.”

After battling medical complications for three more painful years, Rivera died.

Raw cookie dough is delicious and compared to say, driving a car every day, not especially risky. Still, it’s probably “not worth it” as Rivera said, given the potential severity of illness. With that it mind, take care when handling raw flour products like cookie dough, only consuming them after they’re cooked and washing your hands after contact. If you want some cookie dough, is an actual cookie so bad?

According to the FDA, commercially-made cookie dough ice cream is treated to kill bacteria and also probably cool.

Journalist Gay Talese Trashes Own Book Days Before Publication

Journalist Gay Talese Trashes Own Book Days Before Publication

The Voyeur’s Hotel, Gay Talese’s book-length profile of alleged peeping tom and hotelier Gerald Foos, comes out in less than two weeks, but according to The Washington Post, Talese has “disavowed” the book after being confronted with new doubts about the truthfulness of its subject.

“I should not have believed a word he said,” Talese told the Post. “I’m not going to promote this book. How dare I promote it when its credibility is down the toilet?”

Foos claimed to have spied on hotel guests for decades after buying the Manor House Motel in suburban Denver in the 1960s, but the Post reports discovering problems with Foos’ narrative while conducting routine fact-checking:

Talese does note in “The Voyeur’s Motel” that he found discrepancies in Foos’s accounts. Foos’s earliest journal entries, for example, were dated 1966. But the author subsequently learned from county property records that Foos didn’t buy the Manor House Motel until 1969 — three years after he said he started watching his guests from the catwalk. “I cannot vouch for every detail that he recounts in his manuscript,” Talese writes in the book.

But property records also show a series of sales and purchases of the motel from 1980 to 1988, none of which Talese said he knew about. In a series of interviews, he expressed surprise, disappointment and anger to learn about the transactions. He said he had not been aware of them until a reporter asked him about it on Wednesday.

“The source of my book, Gerald Foos, is certifiably unreliable,” said Talese. “He’s a dishonorable man, totally dishonorable... I know that... I did the best I could on this book, but maybe it wasn’t good enough.”

Earlier this year, Talese and The New Yorker (which published an except from The Voyeur’s Hotel in April) faced criticism over the legal and ethical questions raised by working with Foos, who, among other transgressions, claims to have not come forward as a witness after reporting a murder he may have provoked.

Distancing himself from the book over accuracy may be a convenient way for Talese to sidestep the moral implications of collaborating with an allegedly prolific predator. Just easily, however, Talese could be courting the controversy as a promotional tactic itself.

For their part, publisher Grove Atlantic apparently still plans to go forward with The Voyeur’s Hotel, but is considering “appending an author’s note or footnotes in subsequent printings to account for errors or missing information.”

The Independence Day Playlist

This weekend, Americans from this site will join others from around the country, and you will be celebrating the largest annual fireworks display in the history of our nation. This playlist from Spotify user Jason Lawson, will help put you in a patriotic mood almost as effectively as Bill Pullman.


Donald Trump Points to the Heavens, Warns of Mexican Attack Planes

Donald Trump Points to the Heavens, Warns of Mexican Attack PlanesPhoto: AP

One of Donald Trump’s primary campaign promises has been the construction of a big, free wall, but on Thursday, he revealed a grave new threat from across the border that even his enormous, possibly CGI barrier is incapable of stopping.

While discussing trade with Mexico at a rally in New Hampshire, Trump took a moment to comment on a plane buzzing overhead, saying, “That could be a Mexican plane up there — they’re getting ready to attack,” Politico reports.

Clearly the presumptive Republican nominee was just joking, but when you’re Donald Trump, even your comedy bits end up sounding a lot like the plot of Red Dawn.

Baby Cadavers Were Prized by Victorian Anatomists

A study of 54 dead babies was not all bad news. In the Journal of Anatomy, University of Cambridge biological anthropologists reported on fetal and infant cadavers, dissected by anatomists between 1768-1913 and now stored in the university’s collections. The study found that child cadavers were both more common than previously thought and handled differently than adults, reflecting their importance in medical education. In order to understand childhood health and development, “at some

You’re More Likely to Remember Something If You Exercise a Few Hours Later

Exercise has long been thought to have memory boosting capabilities , but a new study suggests that delayed physical activity might be the best way to take advantage of those perks.


Remains of the Day: Karma Adds Option to Create a Private Network

Karma hotspots always broadcast a public Wi-Fi network that’s open to any subscriber of the service, but users have often requested the option to run a private network instead. Now Karma will finally let you make your signal private—for a cost.


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