Build a Digital Dashboard for An Older Car With a Raspberry Pi

Have an older, pre-OBD-II car, but still want a fancy data screen? DIYer 240SF on YouTube figured out how to use a Raspberry Pi to add a digital display to an older Nissan with a consult port, which can likely be applied to a number of different systems.


Violence: Are Humans Bad To The Bone?

Sorry, peaceniks. New research that takes an innovative approach to charting the evolution of lethal violence has found that Homo sapiens evolved from a particularly brutish branch of mammals. A proclivity for smashings and bashings is in our DNA. Before you punch something because this news upsets you, though, take heart: the researchers also found that our propensity for killing each other can be mitigated. Trying to figure out why humans are prone to killing other humans has bedeviled

How to Take Your Music and Movies Everywhere with Plex Cloud

Plex is already an awesome way to stream your media from your computer to all your devices . The newly-launched Plex Cloud makes it even simpler by hosting your media for you. Instead of having to keep your own computer on and connected at all times, you can just upload your stuff to Amazon and stream it anywhere you go. Here’s how to set it all up.


So You Want to be a Ranger at Virunga National Park?

Getting a job as a ranger at Virunga National Park, the contentious jungle set among steaming volcanoes in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, is not easy. Innocent Mburanumwe should know – as the Warden of the Park’s southern sector, he oversees 140 rangers and helps pick each new crop through an intensive selection process. First are the challenges of brute force: running several miles while carrying a heavy pack, and climbing 14,000-foot mountains in less than a day. There ar

FitBit Can Now Remind You to Move Periodically Throughout the Day

Some of the data from your fitness trackers might not be terribly useful, but they’re pretty helpful for remembering to work out. Now, FitBit’s getting even better at it by reminding you to move around a bit throughout the day.


Don’t Voluntarily Take On Other People’s Anxiety, If You Can Avoid It

You’ve got enough going on in your life. Your bills, your job, your relationships, and your insecurities add up to a lot of anxiety for yourself. So, don’t make your anxiety worse by taking on the anxiety other people try to dump on you.


The Family Work and Gaming Space

Redditor musaffa1 wanted a space where the whole family could spend some time together, and the family that games and works together is a family who stays together. He came up with this family-wide workspace, and it looks great.


You’re Far More Likely to Make Writing Mistakes Late at Night

Whether it’s catching up on email, or working on a novel, the early morning or late hours of the night is when a lot of people finally start pecking their keyboard. But if you can help it, skip the late night sessions and save yourself some embarrassing mistakes and editing.


These Bees Bore Through Rock to Make Nests

The big bad wolf won't be blowing these bees' house down any time soon. Unlike other species of excavating bees who build their homes in wood or soil, Anthophora pueblo carves a home out rock in the Utah desert, creating nests that can withstand the tests of time and elements. The species was discovered almost 40 years ago by a USDA entomologist named Frank Parker who found dozens of new species of insects in the region. He took samples of the unique hives, but never formally published

Augmented Reality Rises in Virtual Reality’s Shadow

This has been hailed as the year of virtual reality. By the end of 2016, four major headsets backed by tech giants such as Facebook, Sony and Samsung will have debuted with the promise of providing total immersion inside virtual worlds. But tech industry leaders still say that augmented reality technologies which blend virtual elements with the real world offer even more promise in the long run. You would be forgiven if you got the impression that the future is all about virtual reality.

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