Humpback Whales Go Through A ‘Cultural Revolution’ Every Few Years

Humpback whales are crooners. During the breeding season, all the males typically sing the same tune, which changes over time. Now, researchers find the humpback whales’ song doesn't just change, it gets gradually more complex each year. That is, until the progression abruptly ends and restarts with a new song, something the researchers term a "cultural revolution". The new song is simpler and may represent a cap on social learning, the researchers say. “Humpback whale song is one of t

This Is Why Some Cactus Spines Are So Hard — and Painful — to Remove

As anyone who’s gotten too close to a jumping cholla cactus can attest, the experience is singularly painful — and difficult to resolve, as the cactus’ spines are particularly stubborn to remove. Cactus spines have many functions, from protection to the collection of vital water in dry climates, but some are so much harder to remove than others. Now researchers have found out why. Microstructure Matters Stephanie Crofts and Philip Anderson of the University of Illinois put the spines

Oldest Long-Necked Dinosaur Found in Brazil

There's a lot missing from the fossil record when it comes to the earliest dinosaurs. That makes the discovery of not one but three well-preserved skeletons, two of them nearly complete, all the more significant. Even better: The new species they represent, Macrocollum itaquii, is the oldest long-necked dinosaur known. The trio gives us a snapshot of a lineage in transition from small and swift meat-eaters to the mightiest animals ever to walk Earth. Uncovered at the Wachholz site near

By 2100, Up to Six Natural Disasters At Once Could Threaten Some Areas

If you think recent natural disasters have been terrifying — just wait. Things will only get worse over the next century, a group of leading climate change researchers warns in a paper published in Nature Climate Change this week. Currently, most places suffer just one climate-related disaster at a time. But by 2100, regions can expect to grapple with multiple disasters at once, they researchers say. “We are facing an incredible threat to humanity,” said lead author Camilo Mora of

Make a Resolution For the Last Six Weeks of the Year

The rest of November and December, which encompass both Thanksgiving and a morass of religious ceremonies, rampant consumerism, and insane eating, often feel like a wash. New Year’s Eve is a shining beacon, the time when we’ll reset all our filthy habits—so, why bother now? Because setting a pre-resolution-resolution…


Throw Away All Your Romaine Lettuce Now 

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising everyone to throw away all their romaine lettuce due to another E.Coli outbreak.


Use a Mattress Pump for Better Turkey Skin

Shoving a bunch of butter under the skin of your Thanksgiving turkey is a fantastic way to ensure it’s moist and flavorful, but it does require that you get your hands a little messy. If you want to spend less time separating skin from flesh, get your hands on an air mattress pump.


How to Reunite With Pets Lost in the California Wildfires

Pets and livestock got separated from their people in California’s wildfires, and rescuers have been bringing as many animals as they can to safety. If you’re looking for a lost pet, many of the rescues have put pet photos online.


What to Watch on FilmStruck Before It Disappears Forever

On November 29th, FilmStruck will be shut down by AT&T, which means you have only a few more days to catch the service’s library of films.


This Cornmeal Pie Crust Is Extremely Forgiving

As I have mentioned before, I am not an enthusiastic baker. As such, I appreciate a pie dough that forgives and forgets my foibles, especially if it can be thrown together in a food processor. This cornmeal crust from Dolester Miles is all of those things, and it’s quite delicious.


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