Flashback Friday: Scientists determine what makes a good-looking penis.

Is there such a thing as an ugly penis? How about a pretty one? These researchers set out to determine what features are most important for a "good-looking" dong (with a specific application to men who had surgery to correct a penile birth defect). To do so, they had over 100 women rate photos of normal and surgically corrected penises, as well as complete a survey about which features of penile appearance were most important to them. The result? "General cosmetic appearance" and "appearance

Why Do Bird Eggs Come in So Many Shapes?

When something is described as egg-shaped, the ubiquitous hen’s egg typically comes to mind. But for birds, eggs come in myriad shapes: owl eggs look like ping-pong balls, hummingbird eggs are shaped like jelly beans, swift eggs are pointed at one end like a pear. So what's the reason? Biologists have been asking that question for quite some time, and their hypotheses are perhaps just as varied as the eggs themselves. Scientists in the past have concluded that cliff-dwelling birds lay

This Interactive Site Helps You Help Your Favorite Endangered Animal

In Pieces is an interactive environmental protection site where you can learn about your favorite animal, what’s killing them, and where you can donate to help.


How I Cut Back on Playing Video Games

As you get older and assume more responsibility in your life, your gaming time might need to adjust. It doesn’t have to be game over, but if gaming is getting in the way of real life, it’s time to push pause. Here’s what worked well for me.


How to Throw a Dinner Party Like a Grownup

If you’ve ever hosted a dinner party (or brunch party, or luncheon) you know that there’s more to it than simply cooking a bunch of food. People need plates to eat off of, cloth to wipe their faces with, and furniture on which to set their rears. Though nothing is as important as the food, it’s the details that really…


How to Be Properly Pedantic About Fruits and Vegetables

If you think you’re a smartypants because you know a tomato is a fruit, buckle up. You’re right, but a tomato is also a vegetable. And rice is a fruit. And some of the things you think are fruits—strawberries, for example—aren’t actually what they seem.


A Better Touch Screen, Inspired by Moth Eyes

Moth eyes and lotus leaves may be important to the future of touch screens. Researchers from the University of Central Florida and National Taiwan University designed an anti-reflective coating that was inspired by moth eyes. The coating reflects about 10 times less light than the best anti-glare technique in commercial use. Optical Properties The ability to see your phone’s display is a competition between display brightness and reflected ambient light. Relying on extra bright screens

Charmin Tried to Make Me Poop in a Van

A nice thing about working in Manhattan near Union Square is the endless cavalcade of branded vans offering free product. Cheerful young party promoters give away tacos, or candy, or tampons. Today they almost got me to poop in a van.


Everyone’s Afraid of Bed Bugs but Nobody Knows What They Look Like

Bed bugs are some of the most horrifying pests out there. They suck your blood, spread from place to place easily, and are tough to kill. But do you know what they actually look like? Turns out, most people don’t.


Learn the Basics of Music Theory With This Interactive Tutorial

As a fan of music, I’d love to learn how to make a song. Devoting time to learning music theory, however, isn’t exactly on my list of priorities. Music lessons are intimidating, they’re a little inconvenient, and definitely pricey.


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