NASA Announces Three Private Companies to Land Science Experiments on the Moon

Intuitive Machines is one of three companies announced today that will land NASA science experiments on the moon within the next two years. (Credit: Intuitive Machines) During a NASA press conference Friday, Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the agency's Science Mission Directorate, introduced the first three of nine companies awarded contracts to deliver payloads to the moon over the next few years. Those companies are Astrobiotic of Pittsburgh, Intuitive Machines from Housto

What Flavor is Your Solar System?

I spend a lot of time on science Twitter. It's a great source of breaking research news (as long as you curate your Twitter feed carefully), but also a fascinating peek into the human psyche. People who love astronomy naturally connect it to the other things that they are passionate about: politics, family, cats, science fiction...and food. Lots and lots of food. It's strange that there aren't any constellations dedicated to food, considering how readily the human mind makes the connection. (

Make Eye Contact With Drivers So They Won’t Run You Over

The Lifehacker staff works out of Times Square in New York, which means we’re constantly under the threat of being hit by a passing car. Just today, an SUV nearly ran me over, even though it had a red light.


Try Fishing on ‘Free Fishing Days’ Without a License

I have a vivid memory from some point in my childhood of fishing on a pier somewhere with my family. I decided at some point to try out some sort of fly fishing move I’d seen on TV, which ended in my brother getting a hook in his ear and me giving up fishing.


From the Gut to the Womb — How the Microbiome Shapes Our Health

(Credit: lanatoma/Shutterstock) The microbes that live in and on our bodies are fundamentally involved in our well-being. How they affect our health, though, is largely unknown due to the number of different bacteria that call us home and the complexity of our interactions with them. A project from the National Institutes of Health, the Integrated Human Microbiome Project (iHMP) is attempting to dive into those interactions and understand the nitty-gritty of how the microbiome affects hu

Study in Mice Says Gut Microbes Might be Directly Linked to Autism

(Credit: PhotoUG/Shutterstock) Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects at least 1.7 percent of 8-year-olds in the U.S., and it can make social communication like talking and interactions with others difficult. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a hard time at school and often engage in repetitive behaviors. Now, researchers show the collection of bacteria and other microorganisms in the gut known as the microbiome contributes to autism-like behaviors such as decreased social

Should You Invest in CDs Before Interest Rates Peak?

After several post-recession seasons of pretty-much-zero interest rates on certificates of deposit, recent years have seen marked improvement. That’s thanks in part to the federal funds rate, which the Federal Reserve has raised nine times between December 2015 and December 2018.


How Much Money You Save Buying a Large Pizza Instead of a Small

We’re big fans of math and pizza here at Lifehacker, so you probably already know that it’s always a better deal to buy a large pizza instead of a smaller pie.


How to Survive Sitting on a Long Flight, According to a Physical Therapist

I can never sit comfortably on a flight; I’ve struggled with lower back pain for years. After emerging from a long flight spent in a middle seat, I have been known to collapse on the floor of the airport like an infant that’s learning to walk.


Rescue a Fallen AirPod With a Juul Charger and Floss

Apple, the world’s biggest seller of expensive, droppable objects, reached their peak with AirPods: $169 a pair, cordless, and intended for pulling in and out of your ears five times a day. You will eventually drop one into a tight space, behind furniture or even into a sidewalk grate. And that is when you’ll need a…


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