Could Air Conditioners Turn Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel?

In the hot and sticky suffocation of summer, air conditioners are a breezy balm. And as climate change heats Earth, the need for them is only rising. Yet the cold air blowers consume a ton of energy. But now researchers say they have a solution for these energy hogs that actually helps the climate. In a new analysis, scientists argue for using air conditioning units to capture carbon dioxide straight from the atmosphere and transform it into fuel. The idea is that these renewable-energy p

Scientists Are Closer to Developing a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Blood Test

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating condition that leaves its suffers with many questions but few answers. CFS's causes are poorly understood, there’s no cure, and there isn't a definitive way to screen for it. Now, scientists say they've taken a big step toward developing a test to diagnose this confusing and complex disorder that leaves patients with symptoms that range from extreme exhaustion, chronic pain, persistent brain fog, and more. In a new study published in the

Surprise 4,000 Mile ‘Ice Corridor’ Found on Saturn’s Moon Titan

The great Age of Exploration may be over on Earth, but it’s just getting going on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. It's a world larger than even the planet Mercury. NASA's Cassini spacecraft surveyed the moon (along with Saturn and its other moons) for 13 years, and even deployed a lander, Huygens, to Titan’s surface. But although Cassini’s mission ended in 2017, its data lives on, and planetary scientists continue to learn more about the history and surface features of this strangely Earth-lik

How to Stop a Recording From Waking Alexa

Lifehacker recently published a video in which two subjects test the functions of an Amazon Echo. Soon after, our Senior Technology Editor, David Murphy alerted the video team that anyone watching the video at home through speakers would find their Echo repeatedly activated each time someone in the video spoke the wake…


How to Buy a JetBlue Ticket for as Little as $44

In desperate need of a vacation? Until 11:59 pm ET tomorrow, JetBlue is having a pretty major sale as part of its “Fly As You May” promo, which means you can nab a one-way ticket for as low as $44—departing as soon as next week.


What Was Your Best Hackintosh Experience?

One of Lifehacker’s most-loved posts, our guide to hackintoshes, is starting to show its age. It’s time to give this article a fresh coat of paint, but before renovation work begins, I wanted to hear about your experiences with every geek’s big dream: the ability to run macOS on a non-Apple device.


Adopt a Dog, Not a Breed

I spend my weekends looking at photos of dogs.


How to Find a LGBTQ-Affirming Therapist

Finding the right therapist—someone you trust, someone you like, someone you click with—is important for anyone to ensure their therapy is effective. But for those who identify as LGBTQ, finding a therapist who is LGBTQ or LGBTQ-affirming is critical for creating a safe, supportive space.


What ‘Rock Tides’ Reveal About Movements of the Earth

(Inside Science) -- Earth’s interior teems with movement and heat, a characteristic that manifests in memorable fashion as volcanoes and earthquakes. But even Earth’s more seemingly stable solid rocks move, too. Understanding just how rocks respond when they are pushed and pulled by natural forces, such as tectonic activity, or human-caused forces, like hydraulic fracturing, can make mining, construction, natural gas production and other projects safer. It can also improve geological monitor

Visit This Subreddit When You Need a Mom but Don’t Have a Supportive One

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