Four Massive Planets Discovered Orbiting “Toddler” Star

A Surprising Young Star Researchers have discovered a strange, young “toddler” star with four massive planets in orbit around it. This is the first time that so many massive planets have been found in such a young stellar system. The star at the center of this system, CI Tau, is only two million years old and surrounded by a protoplanetary disk made up of dust and ice. In this disk, the system’s planets, asteroids, moons, and other objects form. Scientists already knew about this system be

Beyond Psilocybin: Mushrooms Have Lots of Cool Compounds Scientists Should Study

Psilocybin mushrooms, the “magic” fungi famous for giving users hallucinations and spiritual insight, may not actually be supernatural, but they come pretty close. A growing body of research suggests they might help treat a range of mental disorders, and there’s little evidence that they’re addictive. But the world of magic mushrooms extends far beyond psilocybin. Though they may not have intended it, these fungal chemical factories are synthesizing chemicals that just so happen to carry

Jupiter’s Icy Moon Ganymede Has Tectonic Faults Much Like Earth

Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymede, is an icy world that astronomers believe hides a liquid ocean beneath its surface. That fractured surface, which jumbles old and new features together, has long hinted at a complex history astronomers have sought to understand. Now, a new study to be published in print November 15 in Icarus shows that Ganymede has undergone periods of tectonic processes much like those seen on Earth, bringing to light some of the moon’s tumultuous past. Researchers at th

Snap, Crackle, Crash: What Rice Cereal Can Tell Us About Collapsing Ice Shelves

(Inside Science) -- The crackle of wet rice puffs is more than a snappy advertising strategy: Pouring milk into a bowl of cereal might help shed light on the collapse of ice shelves and dams of compacted earth, a new study finds. Brittle, porous materials are prone to suddenly crumbling when they encounter high pressure or are soaked in liquids, an effect linked with the collapse of rockfill dams and the formation of sinkholes. However, it was uncertain what happens when such materials ar

Mammals Are Going Extinct so Fast That Biodiversity Will Need Millions of Years to Recover

Mammals are going extinct at an alarmingly accelerated rate. Now, researchers say that recovering the lost biodiversity will take millions of years. The discovery suggests shifting conservation tactics to protect evolutionarily distinct species. Looming Species Loss Mass extinctions — when Earth loses more than three quarters of its species in a short geological period — have happened five times in the last half billion years. Scientists suggest a sixth is underway. As part of the cris

Why You Should Give Pocket’s Read-Aloud Feature a Try

Pocket, the leading app for saving articles to read later, has a new voice, the voice of Amazon Polly. And it’s good enough that you just might actually want to use it. Not for fiction or poetry or anything that relies on tone. But Polly is natural enough that you can forget for a sentence or two that you’re listening…


No One Needs Hot Glue Shoes

The hacks above are, for the most part, terrible. You know they’re terrible, everyone knows they’re terrible, probably the people who made them know they’re terrible. But they’re so popular that this 20-minute compilation, which collects previous videos from the same YouTube channel, got over 3 million views in four…


The Best Alfred Workflows to Streamline Your Mac Usage

If you’re the kind of Mac user who never likes taking their hands off of the keyboard, an app launcher utility like Alfred can be your best friend.


How to Keep Crunchy Taco Shells From Breaking

Biting into a crunchy taco, only to have the bottom crack and the fillings spill out, is definitely a tragedy, but it’s preventable: You just need to heat them up a bit.


Sometimes You Just Have an Emotional Cold

If I get into an argument with someone, especially one that shouldn’t affect my life in any real way, I know I’m gonna feel like shit for a while, and that I need to lay low or I’ll make it worse. And now I have the right words for that feeling: an emotional cold.


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