This App Can Choose Your Best Photos For You

Android: If your phone’s storage is running low, you might want to start deleting some low-quality photos from your phone or backing it up with an app like Google Photos. Luckily the photo app EyeEm announced an update on Wednesday that uses artificial intelligence to pick out your best photos.


It’s OK to Say No to a Wedding Invitation

You don’t have to say yes to every wedding invitation, says Dante Jordan at The Awl. And while Jordan targets people who wish they could say no to every wedding, this is also good advice for those of us who like to occasionally witness two friends declare their love, then eat dinner.


How to Avoid Getting Stuck With United’s “Basic Economy” Tickets

If you use third-party travel sites like Expedia or Priceline to scout for low airfare, you might not want to jump at the lowest price you see. United’s zero-frills “Basic Economy” tickets are sometimes harder to spot than normal tickets.


These Are the Best Cities Around the World for Drinking on the Street

There are so many things to love about travel but street drinking has quickly become one of my favorite activities abroad. If you live in a place where it’s legal (and normal) to walk down the street with a beer, maybe you can’t imagine what the big deal is. For the rest of us, it’s pretty great.


How to Stop Nightmares With Lucid Dreaming

Nightmares plague your mind and ruin your sleep, but lucid dreaming can help—if you can be brave. Welcome to the final week of Lifehacker’s Lucid Dream Workshop, oneironauts.


How to Tell if Those San Marzano Tomatoes Are the Real Deal

San Marzano tomatoes have quite the reputation. They’re said to be sweeter, pulpier, and less acidic than other canned plum tomatoes, which is why so many people seek them out for their sauces. Unfortunately, most “San Marzano” tomatoes you’ll find in American grocery stores are frauds.


Sex Sells? No, It Doesn’t

Chiseled abs and bikinis can sell just about anything, right? According to the minds behind those Carl’s Jr. ads—and countless others—you’d think that’d be true. This idea that “sex sells” has hung around for more than a century, and by this point it’s almost accepted as a doctrine. And those are exactly the types of claims researchers love putting to the test. John Wirtz, an advertising professor at the University of Illinois, conducted a meta-analysis of 78 peer-reviewed studies that

Forget The Sharks: How 47 Meters Down Fails Dive Science

This is a guest post by Jake Buehler, who just so happens to be an AAUS certified scientific diver as well as a science writer based in the Seattle area. He blogs over at Sh*t You Didn’t Know About Biology, which is full of his "unrepentantly celebratory insights into life on Earth’s under-appreciated, under-acknowledged, and utterly amazing stories." Summer is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere. The days are long, the weather is warm, and the water is inviting. It's also time for o

How to Tweetstorm Without Embarrassing Yourself

In 2016, after killing blogs dead, Twitter considered massively expanding its character limit—or, more precisely, allowing users to attach long blocks of text the way they can attach pictures or videos. This never came to pass, and Twitter users kept shoehorning essays into self-reply threads called tweetstorms.


Massive, ‘Dead’ Galaxy Puzzles Astronomers

Objects in the distant universe appear small and difficult to see – unless they’re sitting behind a cosmic magnifying glass. That’s exactly the case for MACS 2129-1, a galaxy lensed by a massive foreground galaxy cluster. Using the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have managed to catch a glimpse of this unusual object, which appears to be an old, “dead” galaxy that’s already stopped making new stars just a few billion years after the Big Bang. Not only is this galaxy finished with its

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