Remains of the Day: YouTube Launching TV Streaming Service

YouTube has announced a new online TV streaming service that will offer a variety of live broadcasts from dozens of channels and cable networks. It’ll cost $35 a month with no commitments and will be available “soon.” That and more in today’s news.


Why Bacon Sometimes Looks Green

When you’re not dealing with vegetables, green isn’t the most appetizing color—especially when it’s on your raw bacon. But fear not fellow bacon lover, that weird discoloring is not anything to be worried about.


Use Bubble Wrap to Insulate Your Sous Vide Tub

I have long used bubble wrap as a stress-relieving device, but it turns out those sheets of air pockets have another use that is extremely pertinent to my life: sous vide insulation.


Tell Us About Your Worst First Day on the Job

Your first day on the job is always a stressful experience. You have to put your best foot forward, make good first impressions, learn the landscape of social relationships in the office, and actually do whatever you’re being paid to do. But it doesn’t always go so smoothly.


Lasers Illuminate the Evolution of Flight

Firing lasers at fossils continues to be a winning strategy for paleontologists. The new technique brings hidden details in fossils to the forefront, including remnants of soft tissue invisible to the naked eye. And a team of researchers from China is using the laser-assisted images to help piece together the evolutionary process that turned dinosaurs into the birds we know today. In a paper published Tuesday in Nature Communications, the team fixed its lasers onto a small feathered di

A Weekend Camping Trip Is Enough to Reset Your Internal Clock

Humans have been fighting our internal clocks ever since we invented sitting around a campfire. We have powerful natural rhythms that keep us on a 24-hour cycle; if you've ever been steamrollered by jet lag after an intercontinental flight, you know how powerful those rhythms are. But we muffle them with caffeine, alarm clocks, and electric lights. It's easy to undo the damage, though. One weekend of camping can do the trick—and it'll even cure your case of the Mondays. In 2013, resea

Why You Should Order “Double Cut” Pizza for Your Next Party

Pizza parties are arguably the best type of parties, bringing joy to everyone young and old. To get the most mileage out of the pies you order for your next shindig, ask your local parlor to “double cut” them.


The Forgotten Domain of the Gut Microbiome

Over the last few years, the range of known organisms living in the human gut – that complex milieu of microbes known as the microbiome – has expanded dramatically. They influence your health, your appearance, and your behavior in largely unknown ways, and yet, despite the thousands of studies that have been published on the subject, the microbiome census may be woefully incomplete. Most human microbiome studies go something like this: collect your fecal sample, extract the DNA, amplify r

Seven Methods to Help You Stay Focused

How many things are vying for your attention right now? Your phone? Email? Slack? Twitter? That nagging to-do list that just seems to keep growing? Modern technology has given us so many amazing things, but one of the awkward side effects has always been its ability to get in our face whether we want it to or not.


This Video Explains Why “I Don’t Have Time” Is a Poor Excuse

You can read all sorts of tips and articles on how to “save time,” but as Laura Vanderkam points out in her TED talk, “we don’t build the lives we want by saving time. We build the lives we want, and then time saves itself.” In other words, “time is a choice.”


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