Make a Simple DIY Laptop Cooling Stand With Two Forks

If your laptop is running hot, or you just want to elevate it a little a bit, grab a couple of forks.


Quickly Improve a Smartphone Portrait in Photoshop with a Simple Depth of Field Effect

A portrait is often defined with a little depth of field of effect that makes the person in focus really pop. Most smartphone’s can’t produce this effect, but How-To Geek shows off a way to use a single Photoshop effect to create the same look.


Don’t Hold Your Failures Against Yourself, Most People Don’t Even See Them

You spend more time with your own failures than anyone else on Earth. Eventually, you might internalize them and come to fear failure. However, for everyone else, they barely know your failures even exist.


Turn Your Now-Irrelevant Gingerbread House Into a Tasty Pie Crust

Now that the year is ending, and the holiday season is over, your gingerbread house may seem a little outmoded. But pie knows no season, so rather than tossing your cookie house in the trash, you should probably make it into a pie crust.


Dips Are a Great Alternative When You’re Tired of Push-Ups

Push-ups, like vanilla flavors, are reliable, but when you want something different but just as good dips are your answer. Dips also work out your chest, shoulders, and triceps, but focus on slightly different parts of those muscles. Combine that with push-ups and you will build awesome chest and “pushing” strength.


No Need To Worry About False Positives in fMRI?

Earlier this year, neuroscience was shaken by the publication in PNAS of Cluster failure: Why fMRI inferences for spatial extent have inflated false-positive rates. In this paper, Anders Eklund, Thomas E. Nichols and Hans Knutsson reported that commonly used software for analysing fMRI data produces many false-positives. But now, Boston College neuroscientist Scott D. Slotnick has criticized Eklund et al.'s alarming conclusions in a new piece in Cognitive Neuroscience. In my view,

Make a DIY Polarizing Filter From an Old LCD Screen

Polarizing filters can be an essential part of a photography tool set, as they suppress glare, make blue skies pop, and offer an additional way to control the light in your scene. And if you have some old electronics that you can mine for spare parts, you might already have a filter.


Why Amazon Dreams of Flying Warehouses

Amazon gets to play full-time Santa Claus by delivering almost any imaginable item to customers around the world. But the tech giant does not have a magical sleigh pulled by flying reindeer to carry out its delivery orders. Instead, a recent Amazon patent has revealed the breathtaking idea of using giant airships as flying warehouses that could deploy swarms of delivery drones to customers below. Many patent filings related to new technology often indulge in fantastical flights of fancy.

7-Eleven Drone Deliveries to Rise in 2017

A dozen lucky 7-Eleven customers have already gotten to taste the possibilities of drone food delivery in Reno, Nevada. In November 2016, these customers experienced the futuristic thrill of placing 7-Eleven orders through an app and then watching a hovering delivery drone drop off their order within 10 minutes. Next year, 7-Eleven plans to expand on such drone deliveries in partnership with a company calling itself the "Uber of drone delivery." That self-proclaimed "Uber of drone deliver

Sampling the Slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro to Tackle one of Biology’s Biggest Questions

Take a look outside your window. How many species do you see? This question of how geography influences biodiversity has bedeviled biologists for centuries. But according to a new study led by Marcell Peters from the University of Wurzburg, the number of distinct species you’re seeing – or, more accurately, the number you would see in the nearest natural environment – depends most strongly on temperature. Several hypotheses have percolated through the scientific literature over the yea

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