Why You Should Never Freeze Soup with Pasta In It

Frozen soup is a lifesaver when you don’t have time, energy, or groceries to cook dinner, but not all of them freeze well. Here’s why you should stay away from freezing soups with pasta in them.


Remains of the Day: Twitter to Let You Mute Specific Words

Twitter will soon be adding the ability to mute tweets that include words of your choice. It’s presumably an effort to curb harassment on the site—assuming you can mute messages that are directed at you—but could also just be a way to avoid spoilers and annoying conversations. That and more in today’s news.


How Sex and Masturbation Affects Your Workouts

When you’re trying to pack on muscle or build your endurance, you have to consider every aspect of your health. What you eat, how much you sleep, and what you do all matters—even sex.


Choose a New Career You’ll Care About With the “Cloud Technique”

Sometimes it can feel like your career has been chosen for you, and that you’re stuck doing something you don’t really like. But that may be because you never really considered all of your interests.


Why You Usually Shouldn’t Apply to Multiple Jobs at One Company and What to Do Instead

I have vivid memories from my hiring days of going through applications for various roles and finding that one person who decided to submit an application for every single one. It happened more than you’d think—and honestly, it happened more than even I anticipated when I was new to recruiting. However, as I started reviewing more and more resumes, one thing became apparent: Somewhere out there is a person who is apparently telling people that the best way to get an employer’s attention is to apply for as many of their opening as humanly possible.


Halloween Horrors from the Archives

Halloween is my favorite event of the year and, as many of my loyal readers know, my obsession with the strange and seemingly supernatural wonders of the microscopic world - namely horrifying parasites and bizarro infections - forms the very backbone of the Body Horrors blog. So in celebration of All Hallows' Eve, a night of masquerade and devilry, I present a small selection - no easy task, trust me! - of the more sinister and spine-tingling articles from the Body Horrors archives, a reminde

Boost the Flavor of Store-Bought Broth With a Little Miso

If you want that store-bought broth to taste more like it was homemade, all you need is a little miso.


Report: 300 Million Children Are Breathing Toxic Air

Some 300 million children are currently exposed to toxic levels of air pollution, according to a report released Monday by UNICEF. The international children's organization run by the United Nations conducted a study of air pollution around the world using satellite imagery. In all, they say 2 billion children, nearly all of them, live with unhealthy levels of air pollution, and 300 million of them breathe air containing more than six times the level of toxins recommended by international

How to Disable Pocket’s New Tab Page Display

Last week, Pocket updated with a new feature that added trending stories to Chrome’s new tab page. While neat in theory, the hijacking of a new tab is a bit annoying, and weirdly there was initially no way to disable it. Thankfully, now there is.


Bracing for Impact Really Does Help Keep You Safe in a Crash

In the tragic event that you’re involved in a plane crash, following the instructions about bracing for impact really could help minimize your injuries. The main advantage is in keeping your head close to the seat in front of you, preventing your head and torso from swinging forward in a whiplash like effect.


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