Baby Cadavers Were Prized by Victorian Anatomists

A study of 54 dead babies was not all bad news. In the Journal of Anatomy, University of Cambridge biological anthropologists reported on fetal and infant cadavers, dissected by anatomists between 1768-1913 and now stored in the university’s collections. The study found that child cadavers were both more common than previously thought and handled differently than adults, reflecting their importance in medical education. In order to understand childhood health and development, “at some

You’re More Likely to Remember Something If You Exercise a Few Hours Later

Exercise has long been thought to have memory boosting capabilities , but a new study suggests that delayed physical activity might be the best way to take advantage of those perks.


Remains of the Day: Karma Adds Option to Create a Private Network

Karma hotspots always broadcast a public Wi-Fi network that’s open to any subscriber of the service, but users have often requested the option to run a private network instead. Now Karma will finally let you make your signal private—for a cost.


Honeybees Have Personalities (Sort Of)

Honeybees may seem like nature's perfect little automatons: organized, efficient, self-sacrificing. But in reality the insects are imperfect individuals. Their dance language is sloppy and imprecise. They lose self-control when they're hungry. And, a new study has found, worker bees have distinct personalities. Iowa State University ecologists Alexander Walton and Amy Toth explain that animals need to meet three requirements before you can say they have "personalities." First, individuals

Lady Asking Donald Trump to Fire TSA Workers Wearing “Heebiejabis” Is the Perfect Trump Voter

Donald Trump is in Manchester, New Hampshire today, working to collect the state’s four electoral votes, which will surely propel him over Hillary Clinton and into the White House. At his rally, he took questions from attendees, including a woman named Cathy, who is New Hampshire’s Legislative Chairman, VFW Auxiliary.

First, before asking her question, Cathy thanked Trump for “everything you’ve done for the veterans,” such as promising to donate to several veterans charities but only doing so after the Washington Post exposed him for not actually having done it. “We all in the VFW know what you’ve done even if you don’t come out in say it,” Cathy continues, and, well, it doesn’t seem like she knows what she’s talking about.

In a related note, her actual question:

Homeland security and jobs: Why aren’t we putting our retirees—our military retirees—on that border or in TSA? Get rid of all these heebiejabis they wear at TSA. I’ve seen them myself. We need the veterans back in there. They’ve fought for this country and defended it. They’ll still do it.

As Cathy finishes her question you can hear Trump mutter a resigned, regret-soaked “okay,” which, I think, betrays the grand bluster of his campaign, if even for one moment.

5 Things to Know About Juno’s Rendezvous with Jupiter

On Monday, after a five year journey, NASA's Juno probe will finally enter orbit around Jupiter, becoming the first orbiter to Jupiter since 2003. The craft will study the planet for two years in a very eccentric orbit to protect it from Jupiter's harsh radiation, swooping by the planet every 14 days. With the start of the mission nearly underway, here's what you need to know. 1) This will become fastest human-made craft ever. A combination of the gravitational tug of Jupiter, an orbit jus

Kick Off a Great Presentation by Showing Visuals Before You Explain Them

When you’re giving a presentation, a little mystery goes a long way. If you want to grasp your audience’s attention, start off your presentation with some visuals that get them thinking.


Give Any Homemade Pizza Wood-Fired Oven Flavor With Some Toasted Flour

No matter how good your dough, sauce, and ingredients are, it’s hard to beat the unique flavor of a wood-fired pizza oven. If you don’t have your own wood-fired oven, you can get a similar flavor by pre-toasting the flour for your pizza peel.


How to Deal with Frustrating Workplace Bureaucracy

Working in a big corporate office can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have tons of resources at your disposal—technical help, creative teams, mentors, a well-stocked supply room, and anything else you need just a purchase order away. But on the other hand, the bureaucracy of a corporate setting can easily put a damper on new ideas and slow down the work you need to get done.


Firefox’s Experimental Containers Feature Lets You Log Into Multiple Accounts on the Same Services at Once

Let’s say you have multiple Twitter accounts, or several Google accounts, or even a few different bank accounts. It sucks to have to switch between those accounts in your browser. Firefox is testing out a new feature called Containers in its beta channel that hopes to fix this.


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