Former Donald Trump Organizer Accuses Campaign of Discrimination Against Women

Former Donald Trump Organizer Accuses Campaign of Discrimination Against Women

One day before the Iowa caucuses, a former paid employee of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has alleged that she and other women were discriminated against and paid less than male staffers in the same positions.

On Sunday, The New York Times published a story featuring testimony from former Trump field organizer Elizabeth Mae Davidson, who worked for the campaign in Davenport, Iowa, before being fired last month. Davidson reportedly filed a complaint on Thursday with the Davenport Civil Rights Commission over alleged discrimination. From the Times:

[Davidson] said in a discrimination complaint that men doing the same jobs were paid more and were allowed to plan and speak at rallies, while her requests to do so were ignored. She also said that when she and a young female volunteer met Mr. Trump at a rally last summer, he told them, “You guys could do a lot of damage,” referring to their looks.

Read the entire story, which includes more details of the allegations and Davidson’s history with the Trump campaign, here.

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Elephant Poachers Ruthlessly Shoot Down Helicopter Pilot Who Was Tracking Them

In a tragic role reversal above the Serengeti, a helicopter pilot who was tracking the activities of hunters in a wildlife reserve was shot down by those same poachers.

According to information released by the Friedkin Conservation Fund this week, the pilot, Roger Gower, was flying above the Maswa Game Reserve in Tanzania. He was shot down near the carcass of an elephant who was recently killed, and died after he landed. Gower, originally from the U.K., worked ferrying conservationists to camps and patrolling the area for carcasses.

Tanzanian MP Lazaro Nyalandu confirmed the news in a series of tweets, noting that the poachers responsible are still at large.

The issue of poaching in Tanzania (and other countries, for that matter) and violence is an enduring one. Poachers are often motivated by systemic poverty and lack of opportunity for other occupations, and in some countries can be shot and killed on sight. Meanwhile, conservationists have been fighting unendingly for decades to save Africa’s dwindling wildlife, particularly elephants, whose numbers have fallen by over 100,000 individuals in the past few years. Often, they face threats and violence, and more than one conservationist has been killed for protecting wildlife.

Ted Cruz’s Ludicrous Voter-Shaming Mailer Is a Deceptive Sham

Ted Cruz's Ludicrous Voter-Shaming Mailer Is a Deceptive Sham

Just when you thought Ted Cruz’s blinding asininity had reached its peak, the Republican presidential candidate achieved the unthinkable by becoming even more unlikeable.

In a move that was widely rebuked from all sides this week, Cruz’s campaign sent voting report letters to Iowa voters, informing voters that they were sent due to “low expected voter turnout in your area.” The letters were sent in envelopes with the words “VOTING VIOLATION” written in red letters on the front.

Cruz himself defended the notices, according to the Associated Press, saying that that type of tactic is “routine” and that he and his staffers are “using every tool we can” to get voters out.

As it turns out, these “voter violations” aren’t even a legitimate way to measure voter participation, and they are not official documents. The report cards say that the information was gleaned from “voting registration and voter history records” which distributed by the Iowa Secretary of State. But Iowa’s Secretary of State himself, Paul Pate, went so far to say that the notices misrepresents voter data in a statement on Saturday, according to The Hill, and that no such official violation even exists.

“Accusing citizens of Iowa of a ‘voting violation’ based on Iowa Caucus participation, or lack thereof, is false representation of an official act. There is no such thing as an election violation related to frequency of voting...Additionally, the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office never ‘grades’ voters”...Nor does the Secretary of State maintain records related to Iowa Caucus participation. Caucuses are organized and directed by the state political parties, not the Secretary of State, nor local elections officials.

Also, the Iowa Secretary of State does not ‘distribute’ voter records. They are available for purchase for political purposes only, under Iowa Code.”

It’s not clear then, whether the data released by the “voter violations” is even accurate, or whether it reflects any recorded voting trends whatsoever. Cruz, however, has said he will not apologize for the technique, and will be continuing his campaign of insufferable priggishness up until—and after—the Iowa caucuses on Monday.

Read It Later Showdown: Pocket vs. Instapaper

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Clinton Campaigners Being Trained To Push Unconvinced Voters To Poor Ol’ Martin O’Malley

Clinton Campaigners Being Trained To Push Unconvinced Voters To Poor Ol' Martin O'Malley

In the past politics has been called a game of chess, a dirty game, a blood sport. This year, we’ve decided to throw it all out the window; right now, presidential politics in the U.S. look a whole lot more like a giant, boring math equation.

According to a report by Buzzfeed published Saturday evening, stumpers supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have been directing voters who can’t commit to their own candidate to former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley in Iowa this weekend ahead of the caucuses. The move is an effort to take away votes from Clinton’s biggest opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

One of Clinton’s 4,000 caucus captains told Buzzfeed about the strategy in Iowa, showing off an iPhone app that allowed them to track voters whom they should divert to ol’ sadsack O’Malley.

A precinct captain, Jerome Lehtola, confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the campaign has trained precinct captains to release supporters to O’Malley if the move can make him “viable” without hurting Clinton. A Clinton aide said the campaign has trained more than 4,000 volunteer precinct captains to handle a host of different scenarios, including ones where caucus-goers are released to or recruited from another camp.

This is by no means a new strategy, and has been used in the past by many candidates facing Iowa’s complex caucus system.

The Sanders campaign called the move “sad and telling,” while we can only assume that O’Malley, who is currently polling at 3 percent, is just happy to be here.

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Improve Your Video and Photo Editing with a Gaming Mouse

Gaming peripherals are great for productivity as well as games —they often come with macro buttons you can program special commands for. Over at DIY Photography, they explain that gaming mice are especially great, since the extra programmable buttons can do in one click what keyboard shortcuts may take several to accomplish.


Virginia Tech Athlete Arrested On Charges He Abducted & Murdered 13-Year-Old

Virginia Tech Athlete Arrested On Charges He Abducted & Murdered 13-Year-Old

Blacksburg, Va. police today arrested Virginia Tech track athlete David Eisenhauer and charged him with the abduction and murder of a local 13-year-old.

Cops arrested Eisenhauer Saturday morning, accusing the Hokies freshman of abducting Nicole Lovell. The 13-year-old liver transplant patient had been missing since this past Wednesday. Authorities discovered her body in North Carolina later Saturday, and added murder to Eisenhauer’s charges. He is being held without bond.

Virginia Tech says Eisenhauer, an engineering major, has been suspended, while the athletics department has deleted his profile from its website. Eisenhauer was a three-time state track champion and two-time cross country runner-up during his high school career.

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