Supposedly Gay Celebrity Bull Is Now at Least Bi-curious

Supposedly Gay Celebrity Bull Is Now at Least Bi-curious

An Irish bull whose homosexuality was the subject of international news coverage last year has recently shown interest in the opposite sex, the BBC reports.

In 2014, Benjy made headlines across the world after it was reported his sexual attraction to other bulls made him an unsuitable breeder and he was destined for the slaughterhouse. Thanks to a campaign backed by The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, however, Benjy was instead sent to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, England.

But according to sanctuary founder Wendy Valentine, Benjy’s sexuality is more fluid than previously stated.

“Judging by what he was trying to do the other day with one of the cows,” Valentine told the BBC, “he isn’t gay.”

Of course, however Benji might choose to describe his orientation, what’s really important is he’s happy (and also not dog food).

“He’s very content,” said Valentine.

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The Most Likely Reason Your Rice Turned Out Mushy (And How to Avoid It)

Rice is notoriously difficult to cook perfectly, even for those with some cooking experience. When it comes to cooking rice on the stove-top, this video reveals that the secret to avoiding mushy rice might be in the way you figure out the water to rice ratios.


Cops: College Student Murdered Mother After Argument Over Grades

Cops: College Student Murdered Mother After Argument Over Grades

Authorities say an Alabama man charged with murder this weekend beat his mother to death following an argument about his college grades, CNN reports.

According to police, 45-year-old Sherry Ann Blansit was found dead of apparent blunt force trauma on Friday after a 911 call from her son, 22-year-old Tyler Ryan Blansit. From

DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris reported on Saturday that Blansit later confessed that he struck his mother in the head. He said they had been arguing about his grades at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Mentone Police Chief Brad Gregg described the crime scene as “brutal” and that Sherry Blansit was found behind the home. He said a baseball bat that officials believe was the murder weapon was taken for forensics testing along with several other items.

“Usually we’ll have calls where a parent has whipped a child because of grades, a child has run away because of bad grades,” Sheriff Harris told WAFF on Saturday, “but we’ve never had anything like this happen.”

According to Chief Gregg, the victim’s husband was at work at the time. Tyler was their only child.

[Image via DeKalb County Detention Center]

Horizon 3 Integrates Weather Forecasts Into Your Calendar

iPhone: There are plenty of great calendar apps out there, but Horizon 3 takes a different approach than most. Instead of relying just on scheduling your day, Horizon 3 also brings the weather forecast into the forefront so you can get a better view of what to expect.


Report: NBC May Find “New Role” for Brian Williams

Report: NBC May Find

According to a new report from CNN’s Brian Stelter, NBC executives are currently exploring ways to retain skilled entertainer and questionable truth-teller Brian Williams, even if he steps down as anchor of NBC Nightly News.

Citing inside sources, the report says NBC News chairman Andrew Lack—who was appointed in the wake of the Williams scandal—is in favor of this option. From CNN Money:

“Andy’s contorting to figure out a way to keep Brian,” one of the sources said.

One of the sources described employee meetings where Lack asked attendees to “think creatively” about a new role for Williams.

However, the new report also states that several sources believe it is likely Williams will leave the network after a financial settlement over the contract he signed last year, reportedly worth up to $50 million.

In this scenario, Williams would keep a significant portion of the money, perhaps as much as $30 million, according to Politico’s Mike Allen.

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Photo Appears to Contradict Police Account of Man’s Shooting Death

Photo Appears to Contradict Police Account of Man's Shooting Death

In July 2013, a Broward County deputy sheriff shot and killed Jermaine McBean after shouting at him to drop what turned out to be an unloaded air rifle resting on his shoulder. The officer swore under oath that there was nothing stopping McBean from hearing his orders. A photograph taken by a witness has emerged, however, that appears to show McBean lying on the ground after he was shot, wearing earbuds. The New York Times reports that police records indicate the earbuds “somehow wound up in the dead man’s pocket.”

A federal wrongful death lawsuit filed on May 11 accuses the deputy who shot and killed McBean of perjuring himself and the Broward Sheriff’s Office of tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. Since 1980, on-duty police have shot and killed 168 people in Broward County. “The court never goes against the police,” Rajendra Ramsahai, whose brother-in-law was killed by a Broward County deputy last year, told the Times. “They are always ruling in the officer’s favor.”

“There is no thin blue line here,” Sheriff Scott Israel said. “We turn out honest and forthright investigations.” According to the Times, the Broward Sheriff’s Office bestowed a bravery award upon the deputy involved in the fatal shooting while the initial investigation was still ongoing.

Now—two years after McBean’s death—the state attorney for Broward County has assigned a public corruption prosecutor to the case and subpoenaed key witnesses in the shooting to testify before a grand jury.

McBean, the Times reports, had a history of mental illness. According to his brother, Alfred, on the day that McBean died, he had not gone to work, having recently been released from a hospital, where he spent a few days, after not taking his medication for a few days:

In a move that baffled his family, he walked to a pawnshop where he paid $106 for a green camouflage-colored Winchester 1000 air rifle, a device that uses compressed air to fire pellets but can be easily mistaken for a hunting rifle. Three people called 911 to report him, saying he was “screaming to himself” but perhaps holding a toy.

A deputy, a sergeant and a lieutenant went up behind Mr. McBean after he turned into the complex where he lived, and they shouted for him to drop the weapon. After ignoring them, Mr. McBean at one point stopped and started to turn to his right, when the deputy, behind him on his left, began to fire, records and interviews show. Mr. McBean fell on his back, howled in pain and said, “It was just a BB gun.”

Afterwards, the lieutenant gave a sworn statement alleging that McBean had pointed the air rifle “in a menacing manner.” Last week, prosecutors interviewed Michael McCarthy—who called 911 on McBean the day that he was killed—who disputed this, as did other witnesses.

McCarthy told NBC News that McBean was balancing the gun on his shoulders, behind his neck, and was turning to face police who had arrived to confront him when one began shooting. “He couldn’t have fired that gun from the position he was in. There was no possible way of firing it and at the same time hitting something,” McCarthy said.

“In my view, they shot this guy for no reason,” McCarthy told the Times. “I think about him all the time. To this moment, I think I brought this guy to his death.”

The witness who took the photograph, NBC News reports, is a nurse. She said that police refused her offer to provide first aid to McBean as he lay dying. She also said that she pointed out the earbuds in his ears.

When McBean’s mother, Jennifer Young, learned about the existence of the photo, she was “highly upset,” she told NBC. “I said, ‘They lied to me. What else have they lied about?’”

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When to Use Light vs. Dark Baking Sheets and Pans

Baking sheets come in different shades, and, if you’re like me, you’ve probably never given this much thought. But depending on what you’re baking, the color of your pan matters. Here’s when to use a light baking sheet versus a darker one.


“It Was Like a Train Car”: Giant AC Unit Falls 30 Stories, Injuring 10

A construction crane in Midtown Manhattan dropped a colossal air conditioning unit onto Madison Avenue on Sunday, shearing the side of an office building and injuring 10 people, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Crane accident just now at 38 & Madison - apparently no one hurt, a few cars hit by building debris

May 31, 2015

Officials say two construction workers and eight pedestrians sustained minor injuries from falling debris after the crane’s cable snapped at around 10:45 a.m and the 4-ton HVAC unit tumbled 30 stories down.

Crane accident @ 39th st and Madison Ave no injuries far @NYPDnews

May 31, 2015

“Thank goodness this occurs at this hour, on a weekend, when there were not many people around” Mayor de Blasio said at a press conference today. “Obviously, this is a very serious incident. There will be a full investigation.”

Multiple witnesses compared the accident to a train wreck.

“It was like a train car fell off the side of the building,” a bystander told the NBC New York.

“It sounded like a freight train,” another told the New York Post.

[Image via AP Images]

Enrique Iglesias Cut His Fingers Grabbing a Drone at a Concert

Enrique Iglesias Cut His Fingers Grabbing a Drone at a Concert

On Saturday, Enrique Iglesias grabbed a camera drone during his concert in Tijuana, Mexico, slicing open his fingers. The Associated Press reports that the ageless singer was “semi-treated” and returned to the stage to perform for another 30 minutes.

“During the show a drone is used to get crowd shots and some nights Enrique grabs the drone to give the audience a Point of View shot. Something went wrong and he had an accident,” an Iglesias representative said in a statement. “He decided to go on and continued playing for 30 minutes while the bleeding continued throughout the show.”

From photos posted to social media by concertgoers and fans, it looks like Iglesias drew a heart on his white t-shirt. It sort of worked?

Oh my god😭😭😭😭Hry Kiko? I hope you are good 😄😘 You're strong for all 😍😻 @enrique305

May 31, 2015

I'm just favoriting and retweeting coz I'm lost in words to tweet and I don't know where to begin #HeartBrokenFan

May 31, 2015

He really can be our hero.

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Switch Your Ceiling Fan’s Spin Direction to Warm Your Home in the Winter

Most of us know that we can use our ceiling fan to cool a room in the summer. It does this by spinning (typically) counter-clockwise to push cool air downward. However, your fan may have a switch that allows you to spin in the opposite direction to pull air upwards, which pushes the warm air that naturally rises back down.


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